We first heard about Sheryl’s services in early 2018 from my brother who had been using her for his wife’s partner visa. He spoke highly of her in the way she conducts her services and so we trusted his opinion. With my now fiancé in South Africa at the time I set up a consultation with Sheryl a few months later where she spent a considerable amount of time going through possible visa options with me, in order to be able to bring my fiancé over to Australia to stay. Sheryl’s care, experience and knowledge were very evident throughout the whole process, always taking the time to answer any questions when she could. Placing our trust in her and choosing her as our agent was well worth it! After a year long wait after applying in 2019, Marissa’s Partner visa subclass 820 was approved in May of 2020. We are both so grateful for the way in which Sheryl has helped us to arrive at this point, where we can finally be together and start our family. Simply could not recommend her enough.

Thank you for all your hard work Sheryl, we really appreciate it!

Eugene and Marissa

Melbourne/South Africa

Sheryl was highly recommended by the company where I am working for.

Since she had successfully obtained 7 sponsorship visa applications at my workplace, I decided to choose her as an agentfor my visa application process. She started processing my application towards the end of 2020 and 7 months later my PR came through. She is so knowledgeable and helped us a lot through the journey of application process.

One of the things I enjoyed being a client of Sheryl was that she was so approachable and had an excellent communication skill. She was always one step ahead of us.

I strongly recommend her if you are looking for a genuine migration agent.

Samaneh and Shahin


Sheryl has been advising and enabling my immigration to Australia over the past couple of years.  I have been impressed with her knowledge of processes and the pros and cons of different actions/approaches. She made sure I provided the right amount of detail in my Partner Visa application, which has resulted in a quicker than normal positive response from the Australian government. Throughout this process, Sheryl has worked around my constraints and has been patient while I provided her with the necessary documents and information. She made time for me to ask questions, in person, on the phone or via email and been very prompt in her responses. I have been very fortunate that a good friend recommended Sheryl to me and am grateful for her support through this process.

Preeti M


We are very happy to suggest Sheryl to anyone who need help to apply for any visa.  Sheryl helped us to apply for subclass457 (temporary work skilled visa) in 2016 and also for subclass 186 (Permanent Residency) in 2020.

We are very pleasured and amazed by her professional and distinguished service.

When we applied for the visa, she sent us very organised documents list to be submitted to immigration. Every time we asked for some questions about process, we got fast and clear responding from her. Also we were impressed that during the Covid 19 pandemic, she immediately emailed us with a list of restrictions for visa holders like us. 

We cannot thank enough to Sheryl, for her kindness and support.

Thank you so much, Sheryl. We really appreciate your assistance.

Nicola V


I highly recommend Sheryl at Migration Solutionz and the service she provides surrounding migrating to Australia.

I have successfully obtained two visa’s working with Sheryl: Work Visa subclass 457 and my current Partner Visa subclass 820 awaiting application for the permanent subclass 801. 

I was referred to Sheryl in 2018 by a friend who was successful in her application for a Work Visa subclass 457. My initial consultation was extremely informative, everything was explained to me thoroughly and my options moving forward were detailed clearly. I left feeling confident that Sheryl would be the perfect fit for me as a Migration Agent at this critical phase of my life – to continue building my life in Australia or the other option being something that I never wanted to do; to move back to the UK.

I was incredibly impressed by Sheryl’s work in getting my Work Visa approved, her work ethic and care for her clients is second to none! I remember Sheryl being overseas at the time my application was due to be submitted and still maintained regular and timely contact ensuring that my application was submitted on time. 

I contacted Sheryl as soon as I knew that I wanted to go ahead with a Partner Visa, Sheryl made the process so much easier for me by providing clear and detailed checklists of information required and giving me realistic timeframes regarding lodgement and expectations of the visa grant date. My temporary part of the visa was granted incredibly quickly and I attribute that to Sheryl and her vast expertise, efficiency and attention to detail. 

The migration process can be anxiety provoking and stressful, but Sheryl was able to answer all of my questions and set me at ease with every conversation over the phone and each and every email sent! I am so grateful to Sheryl for all of the time and work she has done for me ensuring that I have been able to stay in the city that I love and to live the life that I lead. Again, I cannot recommend Sheryl highly enough!

Katie W

Melbourne/United Kingdom

Sheryl’s services were recommended to us from some close friends, who had been extremely happy with her professionalism and service. I can now gladly say that our overwhelmingly positive experience mirrors theirs!

Sheryl assisted my wife Paz in gaining her partner visa (subclass 100) and permanent residency in only two weeks after submitting the paperwork, and only one week after completing the mandatory medical assessment in Argentina! This result was beyond our wildest dreams, particularly given the time of lodgement in mid 2021, during a time of uncertainty due to the COVID-19 crisis. Sheryl’s breadth and depth of knowledge regarding immigration legislation, as well as her awareness of up-to-date information allowed us to make the best decisions for our situation. The process was laid out in a very logical sequence, and Sheryl’s meticulous attention assured every stage was completed to a high standard. It was this very methodical process that ensured our fantastic result.

Sheryl was highly professional and helpful at every stage of the process, and even assisted us in some other immigration matters. Although I was slightly unsure of the need to hire a lawyer at first, I can honestly say that Sheryl’s services are not just fairly-priced but represented extreme value for the level of assistance provided. Without her services, our story would likely have been far more drawn out and stressful. I would whole-heartedly recommend Sheryl to anyone in need of expert advice and immigration assistance.

Maria Paz V and Alex T


We had our first consultation with Sheryl in December 2019, during our yearly visit to Australia to visit Cameron’s (Australian citizen) family. After hearing our circumstances (we are presently living/working in the UK), Sheryl recommended that we lodge an off shore Partner Visa (subclasses 309 and 100) application, as this would likely be the fastest route to secure Australian permanent residency for Minkyung (South Korean citizen). Sheryl went through all of the supporting documentation that would be required for Minkyung’s application, tailored specifically to our relationship/living circumstances. We left our initial consultation with a detailed plan, which we put into action upon returning to the UK in January 2020. After we collected and sent the required documentation to Sheryl, she submitted the application mid-February 2020 and Minkyung was subsequently granted permanent residency (sub class 100), mid-March.

In all honesty, we could not possibly be more happy/satisfied with Sheryl’s service and professionalism. The personalised plan that she laid out for us was very straightforward to follow, and her continued guidance throughout the entire process really was second-to-none, both in terms of quality and speed. We never would have thought that the entire process would be so fast (initial consultation in December 2019, permanent residency granted in March 2020) or smooth.

We strongly recommend Sheryl’s services at Migration SolutionZ to anybody seeking a smooth and successful visa application process 

Minkyung and Cameron

South Korea/Australia

Our journey to Australia started more than three years ago, when I received a job offer while still in Brazil, and it reached its climax a few days ago when we obtained our permanent residence visas and fulfilled our dream.

Sheryl was an angel on our shoulder during the whole process, both the temporary work visa and the permanent visa two years later. Ever since the very first email, it was very clear that she is very knowledgeable and extremely competent. Every question and concern we had was promptly addressed by her, and she would always get back to me in a timely fashion. She always had the answer to all my questions, and she even did a great job calming me down when I got stressed about any part of the process. =)

I absolutely recommend her services, she’s amazing, she knows she’s dealing with people’s lives and she really cares about it.

Thank you for everything, Sheryl! =)

Rafael and Vivian

Melbourne / Brazil

Sheryl has been nothing short of amazing throughout mine and my partners visa application process.

Sheryl has been so accommodating to all of our needs and questions that we needed to ask along the way, we could rely on her the whole way through this process knowing she was only an email or phone call away.

Sheryl took her time to list every single thing we needed to have to her and was very precise with all documentation which only ended in the best way possible,

Our visa was approved!!

Thank you so much Sheryl for all your hard work, time and knowledge you put into helping us!

I would recommend you highly to anyone looking for an immigration lawyer.

Claire D

United Kingdom/Sydney

Sheryl was initially recommended by a partner’s business after using her to great success for many other staff members. She has since looked after few others I know of as well, all to successful applications. For my personal application she guided me through some difficult factors from business visa all the way to ultimate residency. 

She explains and walks you through everything clearly and in that conversation, it is abundantly clear she knows what she is doing. Apart from that she really does stand out in communications both proactive but also responding to inbound questions from the client. She has, on multiple occasions, kept on top of potential upcoming changes and ensured I was in the best position in providing all necessary documents to make the ultimate decisions by the immigration department easy – which I think is worth its weight in spades. 

All in call I can’t recommend her highly enough and it’s been great working with her.

Dinesh G


We have presented Sheryl from Migration Solution with almost impossible task on hand, from handling skills assessment to getting my and my family’s 186 Visas application approved within a certain deadline due to Australia’s age restrictions on skilled immigration.

She was exceptionally thorough and honest from the start, to the point and knew exactly what was required in terms of documentation. Sheryl never made a promise she couldn’t keep, that was hard to understand at first but now I understand completely the reasons therefore.

She managed to perform nothing less than a miracle getting our Visas approved within a short period of time securing our family’s future in Australia.

Thank you, Sheryl, for believing in us and thank you for the utmost professional service, endurance and dedication you provided in our quest immigrating to Australia, we certainly would’ve failed without your guidance and perseverance.

The Viljoen family will be forever great-full for what you have done for us, new beginnings and new life awaits our future.   

Johan V

South Africa

Having been down the Employer Nomination and visa path a few years ago, the idea of doing so again was daunting. However, thanks to Sheryl, the journey this time was effortless.

With her expertise and efficiency, the process of securing our nomination through to a successful outcome for our employee and his family happened in record time and without any delay.

For those seeking experience, support and honesty to navigate the Australian Visa pathway, Sherly Zorella is the person to do this for you and is highly recommended

Business in Sydney


Sheryl and her years of experience in this process guided us from initial consultation and followed closely our application to achieve a tremendous result.

Sheryl guided us on the regulatory hurdles, costs, documentation, translations and submission process.  The process is very precise and so has many pitfalls  that can result in an application not being successful and no opportunity to resubmit the application, which is not what anyone wants.

We highly recommend Sheryl and her company to anyone regardless if you think you can do this yourself, as the risk, and impact, of being unsuccessful is not what anyone wants.

Thanks again and well done.

Terry C

Business owner - Melbourne

Sheryl from Migration SolutionZ helped us to get a Subclass 870 sponsored Temporary Parent Visa for my Mom. She was an absolute pleasure to deal with. Nothing was ever too much trouble. She provided an excellent service from start to finish, continuously keeping us updated on the progress of our application. Sheryl is thorough, knowledgeable, professional, efficient and did a great job. We highly recommend Sheryl to anyone applying for an emigration visa. Thank you Sheryl for all your help, hard work and guidance we could not have done it without you. You are a real gem.

Elyse L


When we looked for recommendations on visa agents to work with my employer and I for a 457 visa, we received two glowing recommendations for Sheryl; now I see why. She is responsive, incredibly thorough, and clearly quite experienced and knowledgeable in her field. This was especially important as we were filing in the midst of changes to the 457. The work Sheryl put in, and the peace of mind that came with it, were invaluable to my employer (getting approval to be sponsors for the first time) and myself. When we hired someone who needed to transfer their sponsorship, we didn’t hesitate to contract Sheryl for a second time!

Alissa V


Sheryl is very professional and hard working person. I have been to many migration agents but everyone was looking for their interest to get a client. Sheryl was referred to me by my friend, who was with Sheryl for a long time and once I started processing my 457 I didn’t had to do anything​. She did everything on my behalf.

She was very clear about fees, processing time and documents needed to get the best result. Even processing of my 457 and PR was very quick. Thanks for the help, I can’t express in words what u have done.



We were introduced to Sheryl through a work acquaintance who only had praise for her migration law knowledge and how professional and efficient she processed their case. We can confirm all this and only say that we appreciate her advice, regular feedback and meticulous way of work.

Sheryl recommended that we apply for a skilled independent Visa. The decision to apply for same was a significant and important decision to make for our family and her expertise and understanding made the choice a straightforward one to make. Sheryl took our case in October 2016 and our Permanent Residency was confirmed in September 2017.

We have no hesitation in referring Sheryl’s services to any family and friends looking to secure a visa.

Our sincerest thank you.

Jaco E

South Africa

I cannot recommend Sheryl Zorella’s services more. My employer sponsored visa was approved today, no questions asked and it’s all down to her dedication, hard work and pure professionalism. Despite the small time frame we had to get everything submitted Sheryl advised me flawlessly on what to do and helped with any questions I had really promptly. I truly believe I would not have been able to do it without her and I could not be any more thankful to her. The work she does is amazing and her calm nature definitely got me through the process. Anyone looking for immigration services, Sheryl’s advice is top class and she is the reason I can continue living in Australia.

Aisling C


It’s been a real pleasure working with Sheryl. Sheryl was always on the front foot with my application process, keeping me posted on any changes and updates. She has supported me with my application for a 457 and seen it through to my permanent residence being approved. She has helped communicate complex processes and legal jargon in a concise and easy to grasp manner. Sheryl has been very approachable, reliable and kind. I highly recommend her work and service!

Thank you Sheryl.

Umila R


We cannot recommend Sheryl Zorella from Migration SolutionZ highly enough without a doubt – in August 2018 I contacted with Sheryl to assist with applying for our Permanent Residency visa with my husband. We had few people that gave us incredible feedback about her deligency and the service she provides. However we would not expect this to become that excellent. Sheryl was absolutely professional and helpful from start to finish. She gave us such clear direction and information about the documents required, costs involved, and various other aspects of what we supposed to prepare. We felt very supported and grateful that Sheryl knew the intricacies of the Australian immigration system and offered up to date information. Moreover, her service went beyond and always kept in communication with us, wanted to make sure we feel secured and been looked after and that made a massive change during the process. Her genuine approaches and responding to all our concerns was really helpful for us to feel eased. Our Permanent Residency was granted in 3 weeks right after we received the Nomination Approval. We felt blessed and gifted to get the chance to work with her. We seriously would not be more happier than we are now. We want to thank Sheryl so much from the bottom of our heart to make our job incredibly smooth and less painful.

Cihan and Seyhan B


My family have just been granted (11th of February 2019) Permanent Residency Visa via the Employer Nomination (Subclass 186) under the Temporary Residence Transition stream. It was all through the help and assistance of Sheryl Zorella. It was also her who have been an instrument when I have been granted for Temporary Work (Skilled) subclass 457 visa in September 2015.

All is with success! That’s what you achieve when you get the services of Sheryl Zorella. She is superb in what she does. She is well knowledgeable in all the aspects of visa options, applications, processes and all. With Sheryl looking after your application, you will feel in good hands. She is very detailed in explaining of what is required and very meticulous. You are very well guided all throughout the process; from building requirements, to submission, updates all the way up to completion and results.

Her abilities were also tested with the abrupt changes enveloping the visa options in April 2017. Abolishment of subclass 457 and other changes was really dreadful and nerve-wracking experience for people like me who does not have permanent residency yet at that time. But Sheryl stays on top of everything. Advancing herself in understanding and learning the new ways to keep you in confidence that all will be well. I very much applaud Sheryl on this.



We went to Migration SolutionZ to help us apply for a Partner Visa. From day one Sheryl was fantastic, providing clear and expert advice. Sheryl’s attention to detail made all the difference as she knew exactly what the immigration department required and expertly guided me through the application process. Sheryl has very high standards and exceptional knowledge of her field and we would highly recommend Migration SolutionZ. Thank you so much Sheryl!

Leon W


Sheryl Zorella’s expert and efficient assistance has made an amazing opportunity for myself and my daughters, a reality. I so appreciated Sheryl’s very prompt and knowledgeable replies to every query I had – as well as her practical and realistic advice. I felt completely supported and in very safe and capable hands through the entire process – and it is quite a process! I am overjoyed to be starting University in 3 weeks’ time, with my daughters happily attending excellent local schools, here in Melbourne – all thanks and credit to Sheryl’s hard work.

Sheryl’s recommendation of external assistance (I needed help with finding very specific schools for my daughters) was also spot on.

Thank you so incredibly much from all three of us – I will be recommending your excellent services!

In gratitude,

Meagan, Amber and Jasmine

South Africa

I don’t know where to start but I just wanted to say a big thanks to you for what you have done to bring happiness to our lives. It was impossible without your hard work and moral support that I can’t explain in words. The accuracy that you have shown in providing papers was remarkable. Thanks for the wonderful job that you have done for me.




We cannot recommended Sheryl Zorella highly enough. She has dealt with most our 457 visas and the outcome has always been exactly what we had hoped for. Sheryl’s professional nature made it so easy to work with her. She is so efficient and always provides precise information. The best thing about Sheryl is how effectively she communicates the migration jargon which makes it much easier to string an application together. Sheryl is always there through each step of the journey providing her support when needed. I cannot thank her enough for her assistance and look forward to working with her in the future.

Team at SPG


I just wanted to drop you a line to let you know I have just been awarded Australian Citizenship. Without your help I wonder if this would have been possible.

I would like once again to thank you for your assistance, Karen and I are eternally grateful. You really made the difference.

Thankyou so very much.

Kind regards

Paul L


Sheryl’s advice and expertise were a huge comfort during the stressful process of securing permanent residency. She was never more than an email away, and was able to help us navigate the requirements with confidence. Sheryl, I can’t thank you enough for your work, and will be recommending your services in the future!



Over the last six years, Sheryl has helped me, my company and my friends with both the 457 and the ENS visas. I couldn’t recommend her enough – especially with the new legislation in place.

Sheryl explains the all legal jargon in a way that is easy to understand, she is very efficient when processing the extensive paperwork and keeps you in the loop every step of the way. She’s so clued up with what she’s doing and treats you in an exceptionally kind manner. She always responds when you ‘nag’ her with silly questions during this nerve racking wait.

I can’t thank you enough Sheryl, I wouldn’t be here without you! I will certainly be calling you when it’s time for Citizenship!

Alicia B


We engaged Sheryl’s services for the purpose of applying for a 457 visa. As a small business we have no expertise in this area. Sheryl was a god-send. She gave us advice on how to strengthen our application, answered all of our questions along the way, and followed up with the Department of Immigration to ensure that our application was progressing through the process. We simply could not have achieved the same outcomes without Sheryl’s support.

Highly recommended.

Craig M


I don’t think I could ever thank Sheryl Zorella enough for what she’s done for me, she’s changed my life forever.

A wonderful person yet very professional, on the top of her game, always.

Can’t recommend her enough.

My most sincere thanks,



I’ve had a great experience with Sheryl Z, I cannot say thanks enough for all about she has done for my visa progress. She is such a fast responder for every single question, always answered nice / clear, moving forward quickly and very thoughtful my immigration stuff as her issue.

I had few other lawyers before but it was very, very hard to meet a right one as Sheryl has done for me.

If anyone concerns to finding a lawyer for their life solutions, Sheryl is the first one that comes out from my experience.

Thank you so much for all your great job for me Sheryl! I really appreciated for everything for me.

Kusi K


Put quite simply, we couldn’t have done this without Sheryl Zorella. Immigration law seems to be a minefield, and you definitely need someone in your corner who knows what they are doing. We contacted Sheryl on recommendation from a work colleague almost 3 years ago. Sheryl offered us expert help and advice at every turn, even when we came across stumbling blocks which could have caused us to despair. Sheryl was there, advising different options, routes, checking our paper work and making them thorough. All of our questions and concerns were answered very promptly, and our minds were put at ease each time. It was a 2-step process for us but the transition seemed very smooth. We have finally got our acceptance of Australian Permanent Residency, thanks to Sheryl’s hard work. I would have no hesitation in highly recommending Sheryl to anyone who is considering using the services for their 457 and ENS visas in Australia

Thanks Sheryl

Happy Hearts Virin and Poonam


We cannot recommend Sheryl Zorella from Migration SolutionZ highly enough – she was absolutely professional and efficient from start to finish. She gave clear and precise information about the documents required, costs involved, expected timeframes, and various other aspects of what would otherwise have been quite a daunting process. We felt very supported and grateful that Sheryl knew the intricacies of the Australian immigration system and offered up to date information. Our Permanent Residency was granted in 3 weeks, although we had anticipated that it would take much longer. We would happily utilise and recommend Sheryl’s expertise for any further immigration services.

Sophie and Bredette


My family and I are very grateful for the work that Sheryl Zorella has done to secure renewal of a second 457 visa. Having issues around my age and my request for over-age dependent children to be added made for a difficult case. We believe that due to Sheryl’s expertise, competency and professionalism we gained a positive outcome. Thank you Sheryl for your hard work and dedication – you were honest and efficient at all times providing fast responses to any queries and explaining all the important information in detail. As discussed we shall be returning to your immigration services at a later date and also be recommending you to friends and relatives that require first class representation

Kevin D


We would like to sincerely thank you for all your assistance in making our dream come true. Both 457 visa and now Permanent Residency is approved and all credit goes to your true professionalism. Sheryl, you’re a wonderful person and it surely reflects in your work ethics. Very pleased that we chose to go with you TWICE. And, I would recommend everyone to go with Migration SolutionZ. I wish you all success as you truly deserve it

Jay C


I am overjoyed to have been advised by Sheryl, today that my Permanent Residency has finally been approved by The Department of Immigration and Border Protection of Australia!

It all started in 2013 when I needed my 457 transferred to another employer. This was done via my employer and Sheryl, and I had little to worry about. Sheryl did everything.

Then, in September 2015 I had no hesitation to contact Sheryl to assist with applying for my Permanent Residency Partner visa.

Sheryl works to take the pressure off the client and the thing that separates Sheryl from other Immigration Agents is that Sheryl truly cares for her clients.

I will always be forever grateful for Sheryl’s expertise and professionalism to set my family and I up for a beautiful future.

Jonny M


Hello Sheryl,

I don’t know how to thank you enough for the help you provided over the last 4 years with my visa application, now concluded.
You have changed our lives for ever, you made the difference !

Our most sincere thanks

Paul & Karen


Sheryl came highly recommended by a company we work with. She helped us to apply for my 457 visa. Throughout the whole process she was very clear about exactly what was needed and gave clarity around the numerous questions that are bound to come up with immigration applications. There were prompt responses as well which was very helpful. Through her help we were successful in obtaining the visa. I would highly recommend her to anyone that needs guidance for their visa application.

Dinesh G


At first I would like to thank Sheryl from the bottom of our heart. We are extremely pleased to hear the news about getting our visa approved and it is issued in 5 months. We are overwhelmed because of her expertise brought us a new life. We wish to express our sincere appreciation for the excellent service of Migration SolutionZ. This is without a doubt, Sheryl has provided excellent advice, communication, genuine concern with the problem we faced. It has been very easy to work with Sheryl. She has efficiently, passionately, competently handled the situation and obtained the results we were hoping for. She is an excellent lawyer but an even better human being. I really appreciate Sheryl’s great effort and support during our visa process. I would certainly recommend to others about Migration SolutionZ.

Shamima and Sakwat


I can’t recommend Sheryl highly enough. She was professional and diligent from start to finish. More than that, when my visa application hit an unexpected roadblock, Sheryl really cared and shared my devastation, but also immediately came up with a plan of attack to rectify the issue and three weeks later my 457 was granted without a hitch. I can’t thank Sheryl enough for all the help and support during the application process, and for getting me my visa that allows me to begin planning my life here is Australia.

Jo H


I am very pleased to announce that I have been granted a Subclass-457 visa –by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection of Australia on the 29th of September 2015. It was through the great services of Sheryl Zorella of Migration SolutionZ. Sheryl’s service was very professional and welcoming. She has guided me all through-out the steps of the visa application until completion of the requirements and lodgement. She is very detailed in giving instructions that you will never get lost.  She is very knowledgeable in all aspects of the visa processing and shows to be up to date with all the immigration’s requirements. I appreciate Sheryl being so accommodating that she patiently answers every question that I have and giving me direct answers and clarifications when required. What I even more like with Sheryl’s services is that she takes full ownership and responsibility of her clients. There was one instance that the Immigrations Medical Services has directly emailed me requiring further medical tests for my kids; being in the state of surprise and confusedness, Sheryl took ownership and left me nothing but the assurance that she is on top of it and all is under her control. I have all these good things to say for Sheryl because I have been a witness of how great she handles a client comparing from my not so good experience with other migration agents and services.  For all the others that have plans of getting a migration agent, go for Sheryl of Migration SolutionZ. It is worth it and you will never regret it. 🙂

Vanghie D


I never got introduced to Sheryl in the beginning but she was dealing my case through my new employer. On that time I lost my sponsorship then first of all she secured my current visa and then she help to choose me the right subclass for my permanent residency. She help me with my trade assessment, my son’s birth certificate and his medical assessment which wasn’t even part of the deal. It was really lengthy and hard process but she made it look like really easy. She is very honest I find it more support then service. Finally I got my residency after eight years only because of Sheryl’s efforts, work and good knowledge. Now I introduced her to my friend and cousin for their 457 visas and she didn’t disappoint them they got their visas. I wasn’t feeling comfortable with her dealing my case because I didn’t know her, never saw her before but now I am so glad that she did dealt my case and got me my permanent residency

J Singh


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